Welcome to Chief Consulting Inc, a competitive sales and marketing firm. Located in Bentonville, AR. Our niche as a leading outsourced sales and marketing firm is our face-to-face consulting approach. All of our business is conducted in-person with our customers with a focus on team professionalism and integrity.

In addition to providing growth for our clients, Chief Consulting Inc is committed to providing promotion opportunities for our team members! Our renowned Management Training Program is designed to give new team members the opportunity to advance into a managerial role within the first 2 years of starting with the company. As Chief Consulting  Inc expands into new locations, more management positions are presented to our team members!

The close-knit team environment at Chief Consulting Inc is in a league of its own! We believe that work should be both productive and fun. We ensure that our client is represented by the very best and we maintain a spirited, competitive atmosphere in our office to support this.

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