Meet Cale: Our Hard-Working Account Manager

In late September, our team had the pleasure of conducting a one-on-one interview with Cale Eaglin, an account manager here at Chief Consulting. Chief Consulting is a marketing and consulting firm in Fort Smith, with a focus on leading from the front. Eaglin has been with the team since July of 2018 and has impressed us each day with his positivity, motivation, and supreme work ethic.

Eaglin was born in a Terre Haute, Indiana, where he lived until joining the Marine Corps at the age of 18. “I was a pretty outgoing kid, I played golf and was on the bowling team,” says Eaglin, “but what really developed my character was my time as a Marine.” Eaglin joined in 2003 after graduating high school. His time in the Marines involved seven deployments and a progression to the rank of Staff Sergeant. After 14 brave years in the Marines, Eaglin found himself a bit burnt out and looking for work in the civilian world.

Eaglin started with Chief Consulting shortly after July 4th, 2018. “I moved out to Oklahoma with a plan to go to college in Fort Smith,” says Eaglin, “but as I was on my way to take the placement test, I got a call about Chief Consulting. I walked out of the test, got dressed, and went to the interview.” Since that first interview with the company, Eaglin never looked back, his connection to the company was almost immediate, and he quickly found the similarities and differences between this position and his time as a Marine. “I was a Marine recruiter for three years,” says Eaglin, “I was so used to talking to people for hours rather than 15 minutes, but this experience changed that.” Within the first few says, Eaglin harnessed the skills gained from his years as a Marine into this business. “Everything I learned in the Marine Corps is totally relevant in this industry,” says Eaglin, “things like self-management skills, leadership and training skills, leading people- it’s all the same things we talk about every day at work, just in a civilian terminology.”

As for the culture at Chief Consulting, Eaglin fell into it immediately. “The environment is fun and motivation,” says Eaglin, “I wasn’t used to going into work and seeing people want to talk and be motivated all the time- it’s a great atmosphere to be in.”

The months that have followed since his first days have taught Eaglin much about the industry and himself. “Your attitude makes or breaks you,” says Eaglin, “people tell you no sometimes, and you can’t take it seriously or let it ruin your day.” Eaglin has never had a track record for giving up, and that mentality carries through to the Chief Consulting culture each and every day. On any given day you can find the account manager training his team, running morning meetings, or creating goals for his team. When Eaglin is not breaking records and making sales in the office, you can find him spending time with his lovable pup Seamus.

Cale Eaglin has no intentions on giving up or slowing down when it comes to his career, in his own words, his goals are to “do as well as I can while in this leadership position, and move onto to open my own office within the next year.”

One thing is for sure- with a work ethic like Cale Eaglin’s there is no limit to what he can achieve.


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