Wise Beyond His Years: Meet Hunter Cleveland 👨‍💼

They say age is just a number, and when we think of Hunter Cleveland and the wisdom and grace he carries with him at 18 years old, this phrase immediately comes to mind.

Born in Fort Smith and raised in Hartford, Hunter grew up in a tight-knit, family-oriented community of fewer than 1,000 people. The oldest of 4 children, all 2 years apart from each other, Hunter matured faster than his peers due to taking on a paternal role early in his life for his 3 younger siblings. Still close to his mom and maternal grandparents today, Hunter thanks them for being guiding lights during his development and helping him become the businessman he is today.

His 10th-grade year, Hunter and family relocated to Hackett where he attended the local high school and stayed there for the next 2 years. Fresh out of school and eager to relocate to a bigger city, Hunter moved out of his family’s house and to Fort Smith, AR. Starting first in the workforce at Schlotzkys, Hunter was soon disappointed in the lack of growth and minimum wage pay. He knew that despite his age, he was destined for more.

Applying to Chief Consulting online, Hunter came into his interview nervous in his qualifications but confident in his abilities. He made a tremendous impression on our CEO, Harrison, and was offered an entry-level position in our Management Training Program at the beginning of November. Fast forward 4 months and Hunter is now being featured as our company’s Rising Star of the month.

Finding mentorship in Harrison, Human Resources Manager, Jordan, and Corporate Trainers, Lakia and Brett, Hunter attributes his rapid success at Chief Consulting to the example of these 4 and the camaraderie they bestowed upon him. Teaching him to persevere despite obstacles, have follow-through with what he commits to doing, and be action-oriented towards his goals, Hunter believes his growth at Chief Consulting Inc has just begun. “Unless you’re going to deliver, don’t talk a big game,” Hunter quotes!

Motivated by sports, particularly basketball, Hunter treats work like a professional athlete treats their craft. He practices extensively, studies footage, is mindful of his mentality, surrounds himself with like-minded people, and plays his heart out. A massive Lebron James fan, Hunter embodies the belief of James’ that he must not “…be afraid of failure. This is the only way to succeed.”

Competitive and team-oriented, Hunter has helped the entire team elevate their game. In the coming year at Chief Consulting, he looks to become even more of an asset to the company and crew. Aiming to move into an Assistant Management role by May and a management position by the end of the year, Hunter is seizing his opportunity and working every day for it. We hope in this blog we convey our pride in him and excitement at what is to come in his career. Congratulations, Hunter! Keep up the tremendous work!



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