The Office Is His Stage: Brett’s Story 🎭

Big personalities thrive here at Chief Consulting Inc. The opportunity to interact with customers face-to-face, meet new people every day, and grow based on performance makes it a perfect niche for outgoing, sociable people like Brett Alexander.

Atlanta, GA born but raised in the South, Brett and family moved to Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma during his adolescence as a result of his Dad’s job! A successful businessman who flipped poor performing retail stores, Brett inherited his Dad’s love for people and a challenge! Whether the two were spending time fishing or playing tennis, Brett’s father was and still is the #1 role model for him personally & professionally.

A competitive child, Brett grew up with his nose in a book and his hand around a racket. His fondest memories are playing tennis and competing in spelling bees (as long as you don’t ask him about the world he misspelled in the finals!) 🤣 Participating in upward bound programs, theater, and the Future Business Leaders of America, Brett’s transition to college was seamless. He chose to attend Lyon College in Batesville, AR and studied music before finally transferring his studies to the University of Arkansas’s theater department. Brett soon found a trusted mentor by the name of Bob Stevenson and learned valuable life lessons about balancing work/home time, having tenacity, and being a better team player. Furthermore, he became active in the Greek community, joining the brotherhood of Zeta Beta Tau.

Post-graduation and a move with his Dad to New York, Brett was scouted by a musical theater group called Charlie! A few months pursuing theater in New York brought Brett greater clarity to his long-term goals, and he soon returned home to Fort Smith to pursue a career in business. It was there he found Chief Consulting Inc.

Immediately impressed by the company’s transfer of knowledge during training and focus on professional development, Brett knew that he could create a strong network of connections here at Chief Consulting. His admiration for the team continued to grow month after month and Brett finally realized this was where he was meant to be long-term – how he could have the most impact and transfer the most opportunity to others!

In 2018 Brett has intentions to continue to grow within our Management Training Program, focusing on his development as well as the development of others. By the beginning of summer, he plans to be promoted to an Assistant Management role, and officially help our client and Chief Consulting expand out of Fort Smith. Brett’s long-term goals include supporting his parents and moving to the Meditteranean!

Outside of work he LOVES spending time with his 2 pups, Daisy & Joe, being outside, playing sports, board games, and going out to watch plays! With a personality as big as the state, Brett’s energy radiates to everyone he comes into contact with at Chief Consulting. We are EXTREMELY proud of his growth here within our company and most excited about what’s to come for this young man. Catch more of Brett, including some great accents in the office, on our Instagram or Facebook page and be sure to congratulate him in the comments below!

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