Looking Forward With Lakia

When you hire someone whose name translates to high, strong wind in Native American, you can take an educated guess that they’re going to be an absolute force of nature at whatever they commit their energy to! Sure enough, upon meeting & hiring Lakia here at Chief Consulting Inc, we found her drive, resilience, and tenacity to be as impressive as the origin of her name.

Born & raised in Oklahoma, Lakia grew up as active as they come, pursuing sports such as basketball and track! A member of her High School’s varsity team, she balanced a rigorous training schedule with her studies, graduating as her school’s valedictorian with a perfect 4.0 GPA. Close with her brother, Lakia recalls her favorite memories as a child & teenager outdoors fishing and camping!

Accepting a position after graduation at Mercy Hospital while also pursuing an Allied Health degree, Lakia learned how to balance a full-time school schedule, work, and the responsibilities of being a new mom. Shortly after the birth of her 2nd born, complications with Lakia’s chronic migraines left her immobile on her left side. Having to undergo months of intensive physical therapy, she had to decide if she would physically and emotionally succumb to her conditions or fight tooth & nail to overcome them. Working tirelessly to regain her speech and mobility over the next year, Lakia returned to the work force determined to become a Physical Therapist in hopes of helping people take their lives back after tragedies or injuries.

Describing herself pre-Chief Consulting Inc as shy and timid, coupled with a medical condition that impacted her speech, Lakia could have never imagined herself in an intensive Management Program with responsibilities in sales, marketing presentations, and daily customer interactions, yet here she is impressing us every day. Finding Chief Consulting Inc on Indeed, she thankfully fell in love with the corporate culture, people, and positive environment and comes to work every day with a smile. Not looking back once since starting with our firm 2 months ago, Lakia’s goals are to learn ample leadership & management skills that she can apply to opening a Physical Therapy clinic one day.

Finding motivation from her 2 beautiful children – a 6 year old girl and 2 year old boy, Lakia comes to the office motivated and ready to conquer the day. With aspirations to provide them a great life and show them that they can do or become anything they want as long as they put in the time, Lakia works with a ferocity that inspires everyone around her. Much like her Native American name, her energy can be felt all around her.

While her tenure with us is just starting, we are extremely confident in Lakia’s ability and skill set and can’t wait to watch her continued growth with our organization! We encourage you to follow us on Instagram to be the first to see her travels, promotions, and office contributions, as we see a very bright future for this shining star. Keep up the amazing work, Lakia – we couldn’t be any more proud of you!

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